We made our web page for all those who are fed up with minimal design and techo art interior decoration and like their home or house would be conveniences and above all contain natural matter. That is the idea. We would like to help that with near 500 photos and many tricks and ideas in the topic of interior decoration.
These products - rattan otherwise tonett (thonett, tonet, thonet, open cane webbing, closed cane webbing) material, mission trellis from bamboo, mission trellis from wood, door decor, rattan material, matting, sliding door panel, material for door panel, door panel, wallboard, bamboo wallpaper, bamboo blind, bamboo shoot and bamboo pole and bamboo wainscotand panelling- can buy from us.
Everybody, who like the natural way of the interior furnishing find products from sizal, brown tropical cane, bamboo cane and bamboo pole and bamboo shoot in many forms: as bamboo bar, bamboo pillar, bamboo beaverboard, bamboo blinds and many other things made from bamboo.
This product not only for cabinet makers, interior designer, decorator, joiner, chair repair but with a little manual skill and little endurance we can make many wonderful and useful things to us. Certainly professionals can use these product to make unique furniture and door panel for their customers.

We can send package at a low price to the country of Europe by parcel post, but we have also very favorable price to outside of Europe. Please, read our detailed prospectus.

If you would like to use our photos or descritions, you can do it! But you must refer to the source and make a living link.

Naturtrend Impex
6771 Szeged, Viola u. 1.

Cane webbing, rattan wallboard, coconut fiber, chair cane, bamboo stick, door panels, unique sized bamboo blinds
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Prodaja španjolske i ratan trske, duboreza i lajsni od punog drveta. Bambusni štapovi i rolete.
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Rzeźbione drewno, intarsja, rzeźbione listwy, rolety bambusowe, plecionki z trzciny rattanowej, trzcina peddig i materiały bambusowe dla zwolenników trendu naturalnego.
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Vendita bambù in rotoli dalle canne di bambù, tende e tapparelle in bambù su ordine, intarsio, paglia di Vienna, tessuti di rattan, sagome scolpite, grigliati in bambù, midollo ratan e su ordine, di propria produzione capitelli, rosette, decori centrali